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Vice President speaks today with College Football Playoff Management Committee

College football will have a very hard time playing its games if the campuses they represent aren’t open. And that’s creating a real challenge for the multi-billion-dollar machine that the sport has become.

It’s also sparking speculation that 2020 season could start in February 2021 and last until May.

As the powers-that-be who are responsible for college football try to figure things out, they’ll be getting input from the highest levels of government. According to Kaitlin Collins of CNN, Vice President Pence Mike Pence will speak with the College Football Playoff Management Committee today.

That group consists of the Commissioners of the 10 major conferences and Notre Dame A.D. Jack Swarbrick.

The agenda isn’t known, but there’s a persistent desire to get sports back, as acknowledged by Pence’s boss on Tuesday. For so-called amateur athletics, the challenges are greater and more complicated. Pro sports leagues exist for one reason; college sports ostensibly exist for many reasons, with the playing experience a corollary to learning. At some point, college football will have to simply acknowledge that, yes, student-athletes are far more athlete than student.

And maybe that will be OK. For years, everyone knew pro wrestling was fake. When pro wrestling finally admitted it, pro wrestling fans shrugged — and they kept watching pro wrestling.