Ettention 1.1.1 released

Welcome to the summer.
Today Ettention’s first minor update got its own bug fixes!
By the way, Ettention 1.1.0 is assumed to be unstable and is highly recommended to all users to switch to 1.1.1 ASAP.

Since this update is mostly dedicated to bug fixes, list of new features will be short:

  • Most important, that due to error in our testing scripts, 1.1.0 contained some serious bugs, that (both bugs and test scripts) were fixed now
  • Not related to codebase itself, but not Ettention releases are moved on GitHub and unit/integration tests are constantly checking integrity of Release branch (before only Development branch was properly tested on regular base)
  • Distribution now is much cleaner than before, so we recommend you to clean old directories or unpack in completely new directory
  • For those who used STEMPlugin: it was cleaned from memory leaks and should be more exception-safe
  • One of major issues was Naming of methods and functions. We are constantly improving situation. You may not find some functions, that were not in camelCase by old name. In majority of cases that will be object->Property() that was renamed into object->getProperty()

User Manual updated to reflect these changes:

  • Added input.logarithmize(bool), that was undocumented
  • Added algorithm.blockSize(uint), that was also undocumented
  • Added priorknowledge.maskVolumeShouldBePreallocated(bool)
  • Slightly changed behavior of hardware.subVolumeCount(uint). Before if not stated in config.xml it was automatically determined in some cases, and in some cases set to 1. It was highly dependent on context. Now you can set it yourself in config.xml to fixed value, or to be determined automatically by setting value to 0. In all other cases it will be 1
  • User and Developer Manuals now contain Ettention version in filename

Next planned minor update should include polished Discrete Tomography, specifically DART, mode of reconstruction for any of present reconstruction algorithms, geometries and basis function.
You can download new binaries and sources from Download page, or checkout our repository on GitHub.

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