The latest release of Ettention can be downloaded using the following links:

Ettention current version (1.1.1)

We recommend using the binary version of Ettention, available here:

[Ettention 1.1.1, Windows, 64 bit]

Source code package is available under the following link:

[Ettention 1.1.1, Source Code]

Ettention older versions

If you prefer to use an older version, use the following links for binaries:

[Ettention 1.0.4, Windows, 64 bit]
[Ettention 1.0.3, Windows, 64 bit]
[Ettention 1.0.2, Windows, 64 bit]
[Ettention 1.0.1, Windows, 64 bit]
[Ettention 1.0.0, Windows, 64 bit]

and links for old source code packages:

[Ettention 1.0.4, Source Code]
[Ettention 1.0.3, Source Code]
[Ettention 1.0.2, Source Code]
[Ettention 1.0.1, Source Code]
[Ettention 1.0.0, Source Code]

Ettention On GitHub

Alternatively, you can check out from GitHub:


The build script will automatically download all required dependencies.  However, if you prefer to manually download an archive with the dependencies, follow this link:

[Ettention Dependencies]