Ettention 1.1.0 released

Welcome to Ettention’s first minor update. In new version folder structure was revised completely. Everything related to Ettention itself was moved to dedicated folder, all other sripts (distribution and cmake) and documentation left outside in root folder. The root folder itself was cleaned from unnecessary files.

Features included in this update:

Prior-knowledge reconstruction, using mask […]

Ettention 1.0.4 Released

The fourth pack of bugfixe dedicated solely to the integration with IMOD/eTomo. Bugfixes:

fixed command line call for ettention under Windows when path contains spaces changed path for eTomo GUI XML files from plugins/gui to plugins/ettention/gui fixed use of parameter group output where it has to be output.option ettention.exe now notifies which required parameter was […]

Ettention versions revised

Three weeks after the official release of Ettention, we realized that 3 digit version numbers are usefull after all. We changed the ettention versioning system to the typical system with the schema major.minor.bugfix, where

major version increases for breaking API changes or deep refactorings. We aim to limit this to every couple of years. minor […]

Ettention 1.0.3 Released

The third bugfix concerns plugin loading in Linux again


– fixed a bug that lead to plugins not beeing found under certain conditions under Linux

Ettention 1.0.2 Released

The second bugfix release concerns the IMOD integration


– Plugin mechanism now allows to extend parameter sources again, enabling the IMOD plugin

Ettention 1.0.1 Released

Less than a week after Release 1.0, the first bugfix release has been published.


– Plugin loading now works correctly on Linux platforms

Ettention 1.0 Released

Ettention 1.0 has been released today!

The software package comes as open source on the platforms Windows and Linux.

It requires a OpenCL compatible high performance computing (HPC) backend, such as NVidia GPU, x86 CPU with OpenCL driver installed, or Intel Xeon Phi.

Please check the download section to start using the software! website launched

The Ettention website was launched today on Ettention will be available for download from this page soon.